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Rayaguru Akshaya Kumar Das is working in Institute of management and Information Technology, Cuttack. The Institute is a constituent college of the BPUT, Odisha.

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aNubhyaH cha mahadbhyaH cha shAstrebhyaH kushalo naraH ।

sarvataH sAram AdadyAt puShpebhya iva ShaTpadaH ॥

A wise person does not differentiate between knowledge based on its volume.  He will extract how ever atomic the knowledge may be from everything all like a bee visiting all flowers for drop of nectar.

अणुभ्यश्च महद्भ्यश्च शास्त्रेभ्यः कुशलो नरः
सर्वतः सारमादद्यात् पुष्पेभ्य इव षट्पदः

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Welcome to the  site. This site contains a number of teaching material and lab work in different subjects. The members section contains many of the teaching material and hands on program on UNIX / LINUX command  including the shell programs and programs for server and client in the network programming course.  There are many server client programs for TCP and UDP.  The members section also contains many C programs. The members section is completely free.

There is no substitute to hard work
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